Who We Are


Inspire Academy is a thriving drama workshop in the heart of Nottingham. The group was established in 2007 by Luke Gell and has grown from a small group of 17 young people meeting in a community centre in Nottingham to now, a thriving organisation of 150 young people between the ages of 7-21.


Weekly sessions are held in our City Centre studio with a focus on a natural, truthful performance style. Our organisation has a 'doing' mentality. We believe that all young people develop their skills by putting into practice the techniques they learn. We are a constantly active workshop, holding a play season each year, writing and producing short films, devising theatre, taking part in national and local initiatives and projects etc.


We are a casting pool recognised by Spotlight. We have provided talented young actors for projects with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and many film production companies including Universal and Warner Bros.


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Our Ethos


As an organisation we are committed to an ethos that sets us apart from many other drama workshops in our area. We make sure that our group is affordable and therefore accessible to young people from all backgrounds. As a successful casting pool, diversity is important and this is something we have in abundance.


Our Staff are committed to developing each individual by encouraging them in their strengths and working closely with them on their weaknesses, in order to help them progress as an actor. As well as training in various skills for Theatre and TV, we place a strong emphasis on character building. Whilst we can never be sure that our young people will go on to forge a successful career as Actors, we can be sure that they leave us with the skills, character and confidence to be successful in whatever career path they choose and whoever they want to be.


Our Vision

A group where young people can receive quality training in performance for Television and Theatre.
A group which encourages an atmosphere of creativity and an attitude of support for one another.
A group that regularly gives its members the opportunity to perform for Family, Friends and Industry Professionals.
A group where young people are encouraged to grow up to be confident people with good character.
A group that is low priced and accessible to all.
A group that is known within the industry as a reliable casting resource.


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